Un Fil Rouge
The Kreutzer Sonata
Story of a jealousy

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN " Kreutzer Sonata" op.47 in A major for violin and piano
Leos JANACEK String Quartet no. 1 "Kreutzer Sonata"
Lev N. TOLSTOI Excerpts from the novel "The Kreutzer Sonata"

1803, Ludwig van Beethoven composes "The Kreutzer Sonata" for violin and piano.

1887-1889 the Russian poet Leo Tolstoy writes a play called “The Kreutzer Sonata". His play depicts a marital crisis where the violin sonata of Beethoven (Kreutzer Sonata) plays a central role. Violent emotions such as suspicions and jealousy are awaken by the music and leads to the murder of a woman.

1923. Janáček pays composes his first string quartet in homage to the Russian poet Leo Tolstoy who died in 1910. The quartet comprises four movements which illustrates four short musical dramas. Janáček shows there his wonderful lyrical talent and transformes quartet writing into a sort of opera whose "libretto", so to speak, is derived from Tolstoy's work. Janáček, unlike the poet in his Kreutzer Sonata, takes side for the woman whom Tolstoy sharply condemns in her poem and had placed her supposedly adulterous behaviour in the center of the work.

Concert in the concert hall of the evangelical community of March (Baden- Württemberg)
13. october 2019


David Navarro, violin
Yuchin Huang, violin
Anne Sophie van Riel, viola
Ülker Tümer, cello
Ryo Yamanishi, piano

and Lutz L. Hansen, speaker